12 AM – Daily Rant – Continued

This earth is an elastic band. For millions of years it has been around and survived. We are at the peak of our time and soon we will have to evolve or die. Within the next 30-40 years it is predicted by many top scientists that the middle regions of Earth will dry up and become barren wastelands of death. billions of people WILL die, as water become harder to find.

This is why many large corporations such as the ones in my previous blog are buying as much of the Earths water as they can. It is their foolish attempt at surviving the inevitable “evolution” (if you will) that mankind will have to partake in to survive. Long before the dinosaurs existed the Earth was almost destroyed by small organisms that produced chlorine. Chlorine being toxic wiped out most of earths living organisms. This caused the Earth to evolve, to change, to adapt to survive.

Threats to the Earth are what cause evolution. The Earth is perpetually moving towards what can only be described as a perfect planet. This seems like something out of a cheezy science fiction novel, yet it is real. I believe that we have greatly altered the Earth and have contributed to the need for an evolutionary stage in life. However I also believe that the planet Earth itself has contributed by FAR the majority of the change causing the inevitable “catastrophe” that is to come. Earth is working naturally working towards perfection, global warming is simply the next step towards this. Global warming is a true masterpiece, a work of art. It forces change, adaptation, evolution. It is much like ice ages, floods, droughts and many other world wide forces.

Eden. This is the first mentioned inhabited area in Christian religion. Eden is described as a garden in a vast desert. The only greenest land on Earth. What is logical is that the Earth went through a monumental change, and that global temperatures increased until only a few areas on earth were capable of supporting life. One of these areas was Eden. Adam lived in Eden as well as Eve, they were both living at the same time. Eve was not made of Adams flesh nor was she sent down by God. I’m not atheist or trying to slander the Bible. I’m simply stating that the Bible was written in times of little understanding and that it could simply be the best way the humans who wrote it had of describing what was going on. This theory of mine gives credibility to all just about all major religions as they all believe that humanity started around the same time period. Logically this is because each religion is the result of a small group of people who manged to find and dwell in the few areas of earth able to survive global drought and desertization.

Take a look into many of the current religions for yourself. You will find that they all believe they were the first on earth and this is because they were simply so separated from any habitable area that they believed they were all that existed. Take for example the native americans. They say they have been inhabiting north america for far longer than anyone can even fathom. This is probably true as Canada is believed to be one of the few areas on Earth that will have areas capable of sustaining life if the Earth’s temperature rises as predicted in the near future.


~ by ghphoto on May 29, 2009.

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