8 PM

MOVING! Found a new place today. It’s a nice little house with a good yard. Stoked to get out of this apartment.


~ by ghphoto on May 28, 2009.

One Response to “8 PM”

  1. You obviously have some time (some time?) on your hands. I’m fascinated with your 24/7 approach and I hope you don’t find yourself wallowing on the floor because the pain from your fingers and wrists is just unbearable. That is, after you’ve worn your fingers to nubs and your carpal tunnels have assorted train and automobile wrecks within which will lead to more severe malfunction.

    Anyway, I sincerely appreciate your generosity on allowing many of your photographs to be freely used.

    Best to you and I have marked you for more visits. And, I think I’ll be posting about your efforts.

    My blog is a mixture of local and national political articles and assorted public service for area events.


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