11 PM – Daily Rant – I’m going to rant all night

I’ve got something to rant about now. It was a beautiful sunny day, almost perfect. I live in Canada British Columbia in a city that has been voted the best city in the world in the past. Living in such a great city keeps you sheltered.

Water, have you ever tried to go a week without it? Well people have and often they die from the lack of water. A week without water will have you bleeding from your eyeballs, your lips will be gone and your tongue will swell so large that it wont fit in your mouth. You will simply die.

Suez, Thames, Vivendi, Coca-Cola, Perrier (aka Nestle, aka Ice Mountain) are some of the biggest water barons. They are working on the the privatization of all water sources on Earth. What this means is that they will take the water from under your feet, from your own aquifers bottle  it and sell it to you at $2 and up a liter. Water out of a city tap currently costs around $0.00005. If my calculations are right that is a 40,000x markup.

Are we going to let water privatization take the little power we have left. People are standing up all over the world, yet its not enough. I urge you to take a stand. Do some research on how you can help prevent water privatization. Do you remember in elementary school how you were told that water fell from the sky was used by trees, plants, people, etc and then it flowed back to the ocean where it would evaporate. This was true, until we started to transfer water around the world.

What most people don’t realize is that aside from transferring water from A to B via bottle water, soft drinks, etc. We also transfer it in food and many other things. Think about it this way, a watermelon is made of mostly water. When one is grown in one region of the world and transfered to another that water is no longer in its original water shed. Try to keep the water where it belongs. Feel free to comment on this, I’ve got about 200 more rants to go and LOTS more to share.

~ by ghphoto on May 28, 2009.

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