9 PM – Daily Rant

I could go on and on about Bush, Obama, North Korea or recession but I’d rather rather not today. Every other person on the internet has already posted their two cents on each of those topics today. Instead I’m going to talk about bee’s.

Bee’s are a pain in the ass to photograph, they move fast and even when they stop for a minute to collect pollen they still tend to rapidly vibrate. The fix is a fast shutter speed. This requires decent light and a prime lens to freeze a bee’s wings.

If you have any tips for photographing small fast moving insects please share them with me.


~ by ghphoto on May 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “9 PM – Daily Rant”

  1. Good luck with this blog! I’ve just posted a link to you from my Twitter account (http://twitter.com/marklincoln/status/1943797619) and posted a new blog entry on your exploits (http://lincolnnz.wordpress.com/2009/05/28/feature-blog-24blogsaday/)

    I hope it sends some visitors your way.

    All the best

    Mark Lincoln

  2. P.S. you should be updating your Twitter account with this too! I noticed you had one. You’ll be able to drive a fair bit of traffic to your blog through Twitter.

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