9 PM – Daily Rant

Oceans cover 70.8% of the earth. Two years and two days ago the earths population became more urban than rural. With 6.7 billion humans on earth, alter the earth far more than any other group of living organisms. We need to greatly cut back on our dependence on destruction to live.

Simple lives full of luxury and laziness are so easy to live. With modern technology we can live in ways that the human race would have never dreamed of 200 years ago. Living a life of luxury is hard to give up, however just about any learned scientist (or even a logical man) can see how our current lifestyle will result in the extinction of many species of animal as well as humans.

Back to the topic, the ocean. Making up the majority of Earth the ocean is by far the most diverse ecosystem on Earth. Floating in the ocean is a garbage “island” the size of Texas. This island is made of mostly plastic materials that won’t break down in any of our life times. Even tho we know of such garbage dumps in the ocean, we do nothing to counteract our impact.

Mankind needs to alter its lifestyle. We need to become a sustainable race, this can only be achieved by become a simple race. The hunter/gather way of life is by far the most eco-friendly way of life. Living in small groups and working the land for your own food/shelter would decrease the birth rate. Our current world birthrate is 134 million a year.

The least we can do is to greatly cut back on our wants and live on a need basis. We are, by definition a parasite to this earth. Next time you go out shopping think about the plastic used to wrap everything you buy. Bring some cloth grocery bags and if you happen to be a CEO or chairman of a large company that uses plastic for everything, STOP using the damn stuff. All it does is pollute the world and wipe out ridiculously large numbers of living organisms. I don’t believe mankind has the ability to change. I challenge you to show me that we can change.


~ by ghphoto on May 26, 2009.

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