9 PM – Daily Rant


North Korea tested another atomic bomb Monday morning. The blast was between 10-20 kilotons which is a large increase from the test blast three years ago that registered around one kiloton. NYC will be the host of an emergency meeting tonight, where the North Korean nuclear program will be the topic of discussion.

Japan is urging the rest of the world to take stern action. Japan being the only country to feel the wrath and consequences of nuclear warfare, knows that it will only lead to massive suffering and loss. President Barack Obama believes that the test warranted action by the international community.

North Korea is attempting to gain the military level equivalent to the United States, Russia and China. Being the underdogs they are years behind in technology and have far less funding than these bigger super countries. It is estimated that for every year worth of technology the US Army gains 44 years of technology, putting them far ahead of smaller less advanced countries. Because of this rapid advancement super power countries such as the US, Russia and China are far to advanced for small countries who are only now reaching the point of nuclear weapons strong enough to take out a city.

North Korea is estimated to have enough uranium to build 12 nuclear bombs equivalent to the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. This is a small amount in comparison to the united states, who to this day continue to test nuclear bombs on a regular basis. The underdog in a technology war just doesn’t win, this isn’t a football game.

Over the history of mankind the great civilizations have fallen due to poor leadership and mans greed and poor judgment. If North Korea wants to someday become a super power all they need to do is wait for the inevitable fall of the current super powers. We need to learn from our history, stop fighting and work towards a sustainable civilizations.


~ by ghphoto on May 25, 2009.

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